A collection of some of the most bizarre gems sold at Anthropologie. Thank goodness for these, or else we would literally own everything in the store.

Good God, what the hell is wrong with that cake? Is Anthro suggesting their flatware should be used for serving molded cake and/or cakes frosted with AstroTurf?
"Floral prints are in, right? Let’s make this suit floral print."
“Yeah! But just to be safe, let’s add some geometric shapes.”

"Good idea. And maybe some paisley, too? Let’s add two colors of paisley, that will really wow everyone."

"You know what, let’s just get rid of one of the straps. Women want to have tan lines on only one shoulder AND be unable to swim in the ocean comfortably."

"My God, we’re fashion geniuses."
You’ll be the cutest jellyfish at the prom when you flounce in with this Pen & Ink Dress!
In my experience, the main wearers of flat espadrilles are 80 year old men in Provence. It would be amazing if gold lamé became the new hot fad amongst octogenarian French men.


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Tyrion is all about the books. And wine, but Anthro doesn’t sell desks integrated with wine spigots - something to consider for the future!

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The Bros of the Nightswatch would totally crash on this couch. Those dudes need to get some better funding sources from their government, man.

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Nobody loves chaos like Little Finger.

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Pretty, valuable ($1,598 for the chair!), and looks like it will break the second anyone puts pressure on it. Poor, poor Sansa. You deserve a better throne than this.

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It’s not quite the Iron Throne, but can you image in the sound of dragon claws on metal? Yikes. Better stick to this wicker chair, Khaleesi. Just make sure your dragons don’t set it on fire.

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